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The Secrets Of Employment Screening

Are you the hiring Manager? Do you do employment screening before you hire someone? Not all companies have the resources and talent to do these types of screening. For the safety of your company and the employee prospective employee background checks are important. Use these tips to hone your skills in doing background checking.

Start with a good application form. This form should be designed by someone knowledgeable in background checks. It is this form that will give you your start in background checking. You need the right applicant’s answers before starting your screening.

The first thing you need to do is a Social Security Check. This is a powerful employment screening tactic. Order this check to authenticate the applicant’s Social Security. This check can reveal all past addresses and aliases. Many people steal other people’s Social Security number.

Once you have new addresses or alias, you can check the employment criminal background check and driving record with the new address or new names. This gives you a more accurate picture of what the prospective employee is like.

After you have gathered the information from the Social, Criminal, and Driving Records compare it to the application filled out by the individual. If some things don’t match, then you should talk to the individual and ask why the difference. Many times they will not remember that they had made some changes in their past with names or addresses.

Now you have to do a pre employment screening credit check. You will be able to order a credit check that is related to employment. This report does not show account numbers or other data that is not needed for an employment decision.

To do a Criminal History Search you need a birth date. You can not legal ask for this on your application. One way to do this search is to do it after the applicant is hired. Your hiring agreement should state that his employment status is based on passing the criminal history search.

Make sure you get past supervisor and co-worker names. You can get more information from these individuals than you can from Human Resources. The Human Resource Department can only give a limited amount of information to avoid being sued.

Now you have collected a lot of information by doing this employment screening background check. Your start for this check is your application form. Don’t use a standard application form. Use one create by an expert in background checking. Remember to start by checking their Social Security, Criminal Record, Drivers license, then Credit report. If you want a more complete applicant screening consider using a pre employment screening services.


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