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“Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. The dreaded, much feared, and probably the last words any candidate would want to hear after an interview. If you’re fed up of scanning millions of job portals, going for innumerable interviews, and still have been shown the door by employers galore, then you sure have enough reason to get a career-strategy makeover as soon as possible. Here’s how you can help redefine your career !! BEST OF LUCK!!

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Whether you’re new on the job scene, fresh out of college, or even an old-timer who wants to boost your career, you can find the best and most practical advice on this site. You are provided with handy tips that can help promote your career. It also ensures you get freedom in making a decision to select a job you will absolutely love to do!

Using The Internet For Searching Jobs

Finding the right job and building a successful career is of utmost importance if you want to succeed in the professional world. And to achieve such success, no effort is too much.
With the expansion of the internet, the web has become an important job search tool that can streamline the process of finding a good job. Here's how -

1) Almost Every Company Today Has A Web Presence - Create a list of Companies you would like to work for and visit their websites to find their Career Page which will list down the kind of jobs they are currently offering. Follow the procedure mentioned to apply (filling out a form or email your resume and follow up by calling up) for positions that match your skills, education and expertise.

2) Job Sites Are Updated Daily With New Jobs & Vacancies Across All Industries - Their are numerous job websites that offer listings of latest Jobs and Career Opportunities with small, medium and large Companies. Visit websites like
or any other job portal site and subscribe to their Job newsletters so that jobs are delivered to your inbox every week.
Spend some time in creating a web friendly Resume / CV that can be easily accessed online.

Some of the most common resume formats include :

- Word document Resumes: created and saved as a word file. Such CV's can be sent as an attachment to your email.

- Text CV: is kept simple and sometimes copy pasted directly into the body of an email.

- Web CV: is a relatively new format now immensely popular with web savvy job seekers. Such resumes can be either hosted on job websites or presented in the format of a personal website and accessed online.

- PDF Format: Such a CV is saved in the PDF format ie, Portable Document Format.
Read the job advertisement carefully and apply accordingly based on the requirements of the employer. Optimize your resume and give it a professional look.

It is advisable to leave no stones unturned in your pursuit of finding the right job. Use all job search techniques in tandem with each other so that one complements the other.

How To Get Hired For An Internship

For college students and those about to graduate, internships are of paramount importance, especially if you are in a professional course. The experience of internships stands out prominently on a fresher’s resume while looking for his or her first job. Besides that, an internship gives the student a first hand experience of what working in an industry would be like.

Thus, the importance of one or more internships for college students is quite crucial. So much that internships have become a must for all college students aspiring for good jobs. With an internship, a student gets clarity and better understanding of the field, helps one set clear career goals, and imparts the relevant experience that prospective employers would value.

However, internships are not always easy to come by. One has to exhaust and explore various ways to land an internship. Before discussing tips on how to get an internship position, let’s first define what an internship is. An internship is a small-term, pre-professional work experience for students and recent graduates that gives them an opportunity to gather experience in a particular field. Since it is like a training ground before you start your first jobs and gives you a first-hand experience of the industry and the work experience that you wish to join, an internship is the best way to prepare for your career.

All college students must try to gain at least one internship experience during their college life. Also, there should be a constant effort to get multiple internships. The best way to get an internship is to remain in touch with your college’s career services center. Get yourself registered there and submit a CV that carries details of all your skills and academics. This way, whenever an internship position comes up at the career services center, you will get to know of it and also the recruiters will be bale to see your CV and short list you if you suit their criteria. Also, these career services centers provide free advice, counseling and information about job fairs etc.

The next best place to look for internships is among your friends and family. Inform them that you are looking for an internship and what your skills are. They can pass on the word among their network and acquaintances and that may help you get an internship. Other than this, you can keep in touch with your college faculty and professors. At times, they may know of good internships and chip in a word for you. Sometimes, organizations contact them directly to identify potential interns.

Also, you can go directly to the source, which means that you can apply directly to the companies. Talk to their human resources department and see if there is a suitable internship position for you in the company. Also, you must keep your resume updated. If there is any new skill that you have acquired or any new thing that you learnt, do mention it on your CV. Or, even if you helped organized a college event, do mention it on your resume and get the required visibility. Keep practicing your interview skills and this will help in you in getting freshers job quiet easily. All employers would like to interview you before offering you any internship position. So, keep up your practice. Don’t just confine your search to your locality. Be flexible with the location even if you have to travel. If you keep looking for options nearby, you will limit your search considerably. So, look beyond your comfort zone to get a good internship position.

When you finally get an opportunity to intern in an organization, make sure you make full use of it. Exploit it to the hilt and learn new skills so that by the time you finish your internship, you have upgraded your skills. Set specific goals from the beginning itself and determine what you are looking to accomplish and achieve during the internship period. Not all internships are paid and you might be required to work for free.

However, don’t let this discourage you as the experience that you gain would be invaluable when you apply for your first job. So, be open to accepting both paid and non-paid internships. Try to identify a mentor within the organization who would groom you. Once your internship is over, send thank you letters to all those who helped you find an internship and those with whom you learnt new skills. Also, keep in touch with the key people at the organization. These might be useful when you look for your first job for freshers .

Tips to better your technical resume

One of the major key elements for conducting a successful job search is the resume. However, a technical resume can generally be a difficult document to develop. The technical resume is the job seeker’s primary document for marketing one’s self. It will encompass levels of education, hands-on experience, areas of expertise, and relevant skills.

An effective resume should grab the reader’s attention immediately, within the span of 35 to 45 seconds. A proper technical resume would extend that attention period to around 60 seconds. Successful resumes prompt the reader to contact the job seeker. Consequently, a successful job search revolves around the resume’s effectiveness.

No one is aware of your experience and background better than you. The majority of engineers and technical graduates can adequately articulate their experiences, though putting it down on paper may be another story. Many technical graduates who do write their own resumes find it difficult to sell them to a potential employer. Here are some tips for preparing an effective resume.

Have the finest organizational format selected

Most resumes are composed in chronological format. However, that does not mean that this is the only choice you have. A mixed format may prove to be better. This format is one that is evenly balanced, and includes achievements, relevant skill sets, and an employment history. The advantage of this is that past projects would be highlighted and have a greater impact.

Job Interview – How to Explain Why You Left Your Last Job

There may be many reasons why you left or are leaving your current position. The trick is to make your departure sound positive and demonstrate why the new potential employer should be happy that you have left in hopes of obtaining this new exciting opportunity. Here are some basic general reasons of why you may no longer be with your past company: you got laid off, quit, or were fired.

Out of the above three, getting laid off is the easiest to explain. Lay offs are unfortunately a very common phenomena right now, and organizations choose who they let go based on their own specific standards. Some places let go of the most inexperienced employees first, whereas others choose to lay off the highest paid. When asked why you left your last job, simply explain that there were many cut backs, and you were one of the individuals who was let go. However, you did not get discouraged, but instead took this as an opportunity to seek a more fulfilling career with an outstanding organization.

What if you just quit? There are many reasons why a person quits his or her job, for instance no room for advancement, different ideals than the boss, did not get the desired raise, tired of the job, looking for something more rewarding, etc. If you were passed over for a promotion or were turned down for a raise, do not tell the hiring person this.

Career Planning - The Right Career Choice

Making the right career choice can be a difficult decision for most of us. After all, this decision will effect the rest of our work life. Different people are guided by different factors in their career choices.  The common trend today is to opt for a career field that offers the maximum remuneration. There is no doubt that money has become the driving force for most of us.

Personality & Career Choice

Your personality & temperament can be another major factor that can effect your career choice.118image Here are some of the common personality types and the possible career fields best suited for people having such personality - 

  1. Social - Those of you who are social, enjoy interacting with others and have good interpersonal skills can do well in fields such as Mass Media, Therapy, PR, Social Work etc.
  2. Intellectual - If you are the intellectual type and goal driven, consider a career in Mathematics, Analysis, Research and Science.
  3. Creative - For the artistic, jobs that allow you to show your creativity are often best suited. Avoid choosing careers that curb your identity and do not allow you to show your artistic side.
  4. Conventional - The conventional people often opt for jobs in book keeping, accountancy etc.
  5. Enterprising - If you are aggressive, enterprising and have a strong mind of your own, you can choose to become a marketing professional, business executive and a public person.

A word of Advice when choosing your career field -

  • Do plenty of research into the career opportunities available and their prerequisites. After doing this homework, weigh your options and make a decision.
  • Listen to others, take their advice but make the final decision yourself - one that you feel is good for you.
  • Don't be afraid to make a decision you feel is the right one!
  • During the course of your career, you will get plenty of opportunities to sit back and review your progress and satisfaction levels. Use this time to analyze where your career is going and where it is you want it to go!

Stress Management Techniques: The Top 5 To Cultivate to Succeed at Work

What are your favorite stress management techniques?

The techniques described here take time to cultivate, but is well worth your effort. The ultimate objective being to develop a habit of these techniques - so that it becomes second nature to you

As a career builder newbie, I urge you to start developing some of these techniques in order to manage the stress you will experience as you climb the corporate ladder.

Stress Management Technique #1: Greet People Warmly
Greeting people warmly especially in the morning is important to manage stress. You wonder why? Have you ever noticed how some people come in the office grumpy? It is almost as if, they have decided that they will be stressed out that day. When you greet someone warmly in the morning, it says you have decided that you will start a great day. Imagine starting a day on the low and watch it get worse!

Stress Management Technique #2:  Be Conscious Of Our Behaviour
Being conscious of your behaviour means to be conscious of how you feel and act. It is the trigger in your mind that says “I am getting impatient with this discussion. And I am going to raise my voice.” Once you are mindful of your actions you can choose to react in a more positive fashion. Now, you may ask – how can I be conscious of my actions if I am in the middle of an argument with someone? Well, it takes practice. Just as we practice a certain sport prior to an important tournament.

Stress Management Technique #3:  Be Conscious Of Our Breath
Taking deep breaths and counting is a popular stress management technique. In this particular one, my variation is to be conscious of my breath. Whenever I feel stressed, I excuse myself if I am in the company of others and walk away. While walking away to the washroom for example, I concentrate on my breath touching the tip of my upper lip. And I consciously slow my breath down while concentrating on it. It takes the negative thoughts out of my mind.

Stress Management Technique #4: Reviewing The Positive
Create a habit of reviewing the positive that has happened throughout the day. The idea is to cultivate the habit of looking at the positive. Instead of crashing in front of the television when you reach home, spend five to ten minutes reviewing what nice things others have done for you. The kind deed others have done that made your day turn out great. I practice this while being stuck in traffic. It kills two birds with one stone, it allows me to review the positive and takes my mind off the traffic situation at the same time.

Stress Management Technique #5: Letting Go The Negative
Let’s face it - we are but mere mortals. We will make mistakes while trying to cultivate these habits to manage stress. In reviewing the positives, we should also be conscious of the negative that we have done. Maybe we did not realize it earlier in the day. It could be something nasty we have said to someone. Realize this and “cleanse” yourself by flushing away the misdirected actions. Do this by forgiving yourself and remind yourself that you will not do it again.

Admittedly, these 5 stress management techniques take time to cultivate. Make a decision to start today and watch your stress greatly reduced as time goes by

Expand your Horizons with a Bachelor Degree Online…

There are many people that dream of getting bachelors degree, but the thought of interrupting their career or family life to attend traditional classes seems impossible. The notion of trying to attend numerous classes when you are already busy with your career and family life is just not feasible. On the other hand, you know that a bachelor's degree would enhance your future job success and earnings. It is in this regard that college and universities are now making it possible to acquire a college degree online.

Once you have made the decision to pursue your degree, take the time to study all the options available. There is a vast amount of information about obtaining your online degree. In addition, numerous colleges and universities now offer degrees and course study online. If you wish to pursue your bachelor degree online, be sure that the school is accredited. An accredited college or university means that the state's guidelines have been met and the degree is deemed credible. Therefore, learn as much as possible about the school and the perquisites for a bachelor's degree.

Advantages of pursuing an online degree are endless. There is no commute to school, no need to shuffle classes or reshuffle your life in order to attend a particular class, no requirement to live on campus, etc. However, you will need to stay disciplined at home to get your course work done. In addition to the discipline, you will need a quite place to work at home.

Because of the importance of this matter, I will repeat again that the school and the courses you select to pursue your bachelor's degree online are accredited. The online degree industry has become a big business over the last 5 years or so and it would be a shame to waste your time and money for a degree that is not accredited. On the other hand, if you wish to expand your education just for the sake of learning, then accreditation will not make a difference.

Now is the time to improve your chances of landing a better job, better earnings or even change your career. Your future and success is in your own hands and there is no excuse for not pursing a college or university degree online. Classes and course material are usually delivered by way of computer, but don't worry if you are not computer savvy. All you will need is a computer and an internet connection to get you started.

Successfully dealing with a Group Discussion

The Group Discussion or the GD forms an integral part of the recruitment and selection process. In the absence of the GD, written tests are followed by the interview in an attempt to select the best candidate for the job.

A Group Discussion refers to an open discussion on a thought provoking market research topic or a case study by a group of persons. Each member of the group takes part in the discussion and attempts to analyse the topic of discussion by bringing forward their thoughts on the matter.

A few observers too, form a part of the group and their job is to see how each member is contributing to the discussion. Such a GD is very helpful in getting insights on each member's personality, confidence and their ability to put thoughts across when communicating with others.

Here are some useful points that can help in successfully dealing with a Group Discussion -

1) Portray effectively your communication skills and your ability to contribute to the discussion.

2) Be alert - listen carefully to what others are saying and voice your opinion on the matter with confidence and calm.

3) Be genuinely interested - Don't be physically present and mentally absent.

4) It is a good habit to note down highlights of the discussion as it unfolds so that you can present your final thoughts on what has been discussed.

5) No matter how deep you are into the discussion, never shout or undermine what others may be saying. The trick is to make your point pleasantly and calmly in a way that others can't help but listen.

6) It is okay to differ from someone else's point of view. You are here to think independently while listening to various points of view and then presenting your thoughts even if they are different from others.

All the best!

21st Century Academy Re-defines The Way Education Is Served

We can be all thankful for the introduction of the internet. The entry of the internet has redefined the way we do out every day life, our communications, the way we do business and even the way we learn. The technology has revolutionized the way we learn as this technology brought down the usual barriers.

The physical barriers plus the distance barriers have been taken down and in the end; it is us who gets to take all the benefits. Just take education; with the internet around the way to get education has been give a whole new meaning. Now to learn and to get education does not only mean going to established schools and universities and attend classes for one semester and another semester in order to get the diploma. With the presence of the internet, people are looking for a 21st Century Education and this is exactly what is promoted by the 21st century Academy.

This academy is the brainchild of Jamie McIntyre. He is a successful Australian who strives hard in order to make a difference in the quality of life of those around him and the other people from all corners of the world. He is considered as a ‘Success Coach’ and being a life coach has allowed him to travel to many parts of the world sharing what he knows and imparting knowledge and guiding people on how they can live their lives well. He speaks based on experience as he is already a self-made millionaire in his twenties. He is a man of many talents- he is an entrepreneur, a speaker, an author, an investor and even a climate change campaigner. And his many accomplishments will speak for himself.

The academy was established as a way to effectively bring practical life education to many self directed learners. For those looking for real-life education as given by those who have experienced many things in life, then this academy is one place to check out. The academy anchors its many learning through the fusion of personal empowerment and wealth strategies with a unique and helpful education program.

The academy has been in the business of education for the past decade now and known as that one-stop shop for that necessary personal and financial empowerment and services. For more than a decade it has educated more than 250,000 people from many parts of the world. The academy runs many programs and seminars that can benefit the self-learners. And one such program of the academy is the 21st Century Seminars which include the following.

• ‘4 Day Education for Life’
• ‘Internet and Business’
• ‘Women’s Academy’
• ‘Property and Share’

These seminars are manned by expert educators in their field who present advanced personal and financial strategies. The academy is also known for the 21st Century Education Memberships and this is considered as the core education offered by jthe group. In this education services, there will be a Homestudy Program course and a 5-10 year membership.

Just implement these 5 Ideas and Build A Perfect Team At Work

The key success to build a perfect team is to execution of plans. An effective action always gives result when it executes well. The performance of employees always leads to success for any company or organization. The success of any organization also need how well the employees are motivated. One motivational factor for an employee must be by watching top level managers. The managers some times set example to boost employee’s moral by telling them their journey towards success and showing them the path of success. The team leader also plays an important role for the team’s motivation by communicating the message among the members.

There are just 5 ideas as follows which may work for you to build a best team at work.

1. Specific and objectives - The assigned task to the employee must be very specific. Each and every member of the team must understand and should have the knowledge about the objectives of the task assigned to them. The team members lead to success of the organization if they understand the objectives and the purpose of the work given to them. This keeps employees to feel comfortable and confident about their involvement to the overall success of the organization.

2. Performance Rewards – In every organization, employees work for their self interest and their interests come in their mind first. It is basic human character and no body is exceptional. So, they wish to get some rewards for their performance.

3. Right people for Recruitment – Recruiting right candidate are an important part for any organization’s growth. It really helps the senior personals in the work process. The benefits like on time work done, less conflicts within the team, smooth working process and co-operation among the members must be observed in the team. A unit of quality team members always produces quality work and ultimately increases the market value for the company.

4. Set basic rules for work – Set a target and dead line for each and every employee in work process so that each member must have better idea how much time to get that work done. Let them decide the priority for work but the mind set must be getting the work done in time. This process surly minimizes conflicts and useless gossips.

5. Appreciations & Promote Need – Appreciations always leads to good performance, so on the basis of performance it is necessary to promote employee at the work process. Assigning to supervise the task and guiding the same task assigned to the co-workers will boost the employee confidence and motivate other employees to show their ability. It is a better idea to drop an appreciation mail to all the employees and let them know that one team member has performed more than expectations.

The Secrets Of Employment Screening

Are you the hiring Manager? Do you do employment screening before you hire someone? Not all companies have the resources and talent to do these types of screening. For the safety of your company and the employee prospective employee background checks are important. Use these tips to hone your skills in doing background checking.

Start with a good application form. This form should be designed by someone knowledgeable in background checks. It is this form that will give you your start in background checking. You need the right applicant’s answers before starting your screening.

The first thing you need to do is a Social Security Check. This is a powerful employment screening tactic. Order this check to authenticate the applicant’s Social Security. This check can reveal all past addresses and aliases. Many people steal other people’s Social Security number.

Once you have new addresses or alias, you can check the employment criminal background check and driving record with the new address or new names. This gives you a more accurate picture of what the prospective employee is like.

After you have gathered the information from the Social, Criminal, and Driving Records compare it to the application filled out by the individual. If some things don’t match, then you should talk to the individual and ask why the difference. Many times they will not remember that they had made some changes in their past with names or addresses.

Now you have to do a pre employment screening credit check. You will be able to order a credit check that is related to employment. This report does not show account numbers or other data that is not needed for an employment decision.

To do a Criminal History Search you need a birth date. You can not legal ask for this on your application. One way to do this search is to do it after the applicant is hired. Your hiring agreement should state that his employment status is based on passing the criminal history search.

Make sure you get past supervisor and co-worker names. You can get more information from these individuals than you can from Human Resources. The Human Resource Department can only give a limited amount of information to avoid being sued.

Now you have collected a lot of information by doing this employment screening background check. Your start for this check is your application form. Don’t use a standard application form. Use one create by an expert in background checking. Remember to start by checking their Social Security, Criminal Record, Drivers license, then Credit report. If you want a more complete applicant screening consider using a pre employment screening services.

Five Effective Work Habits For Fresh Graduates

Being new in the working world, I am sure you are eager to show off your newfound skills and knowledge. However, out there in the working world some basic work effective habits can increase your productivity. By being consistently effective at your work increases your chances of success in your career.

The 5 effective work habits are:

1. Volunteer For Assignments

One of the best ways to signal that you are a keen learner and are not afraid of hard work is to volunteer for assignments. Especially assignments that no one seems interested to do. However, before that do assess your own skills and knowledge to see if you can confidently accomplish it. If you are confident in completing the task in full and perfection, go ahead and volunteer for it.
However, do remember one thing. Under promise and over deliver on the assignment you volunteered. Do not be too confident that you turn a perfect opportunity into mess. Once you start the project, see it till the end. You would be seen as someone who is courageous enough to take on additional assignments. You would also be seen as someone who follows through in your work. This is the first habit you need to internalize.

2. Be Nice To People

I am sure we have all heard this often enough. Be nice to people regardless of their rank and designation. It sounds philosophical but when you are nice to people they go out of their way to help you. And being new in an organization you would never know what sort of help you would need. Colleagues often like to work with nice talented people. When you have this effective work habit you increase the chances of people wanting you to work on their team.
Being nice to people is just common courtesy. There is nothing extra ordinary about this particular habit that you need special skills. A smile in the morning and a “Good Morning” is a good start. In this day and age, people working in pressurized environments often use stress as an excuse when they blow up. Is this necessary? Nice is often reciprocated by nice. In fact, it can lower your stress level.

3. Prioritize Your Work

We all love to start work on things that are close to our hearts. However, often these may not be the most urgent and important in our list of tasks in the workplace. When you select things you are more interested in rather than work that is more important or urgent, you lower your chances of success.
Have a list of things to do according to its strategic importance to your company. Know your role in completing the tasks at hand in order to achieve that corporate goal. When you prioritize your work, you are more productive and that increases your chances of career success.

4. Stay Positive

As someone new in the working world it is very easy to feel down because you are new. You are not used to the work system. You have new people to deal with and people in the working world who behave very differently from school. It takes a lot of getting used to. There will be office politics to deal with regardless of how little.
Be above all these and stay positive in the face of challenges. When you are positive you remain focused on your goals. You make better decisions and therefore become more productive.

5. Highlight A Problem But Bring Solutions

The last effective work habit of the five effective work habits is to bring solutions each time you highlight a problem to your boss or management. You need to remember that when you bring problems and not solutions, it is often construed as complaining.
To avoid that label, offer solutions. A range of possible solutions also indicates to your boss that you have thought this through before approaching him/her with a problem. Have in mind a recommended solution amongst those you suggested.
These are the 5 effective work habits I constantly drill into new employees who are fresh graduates in our company. At first glance, these may seem like common sense. However, in actual working environment people tend to sometimes forget these very basic effective work habits. And don't practice them often enough. Internalize these and consistently practice them to increase your chances of success.

Can Your Cover Letter Create An Impact?

The Cover Letter is an important document that is usually sent along with the CV when applying for a job - whether advertised or mentioned by a contact. It is a very important letter that can be used to introduce yourself and show your interest in applying for the vacant position.

When writing a Cover Letter, remember to make it crisp, concise, impressive and interesting.

Your Cover Letter must be able to arouse an interest in the employer to read your resume and call you for an interview.

For your cover letter to make an impact, you should remember the following tips -

1.Keep it short and to the point.
2.Use a standard font style such as Arial or Times New Roman
3.Project your interest in working for the Company and taking up the job.
4.Mention clearly the position applied for and your skills for handling the job well.
5.Use an original format as opposed to a common Cover Letter template which is used by every other job seeker.
6.Address the Cover Letter to the most appropriate person as mentioned in the advertisement.

From College Campus To Corporate Climate

When the last days of your college life approach and you are about to graduate, the most prominent thought that would be playing on your mind is about getting your first job. While students begin to get nostalgic about their last days at college and stat cherishing the memories of time spent at college, the pre-dominant remains about starting their career.

It is the most important stage of life where a completely new beginning awaits you. The fun and carefree time of the college life would be replaced by the responsibility and worries of finding a job. The friends and the chit-chat with them would soon be replaced by colleagues and professional talk. The college canteen environment would soon be replaced by to-the-point office environment.

So, how do you cope with this transition to get settled in your first job? This is a question that every student encounters when he/she begins the career path. With a little help and advice, you can settle down well at your workplace even without any experience to boast about. You might have to restrain yourself in the beginning but that does not mean that you become a different person. Your workplace will be the place to shine your personality and hone your existent skills. If you use the opportunities presented at the workplace well, you will really succeed in making a mark on your first job.

In college, you were expected to absorb knowledge and you spent years doing just that. Tests and exams were conducted every now and then and based on your understanding and knowledge you were judged. At your professional life, you would be expected to put that knowledge to practical use and how well you can do that will define your success at your job. Tests would not be occasional. In fact, everyday would be like a new test and your performance and conduct would be under the scanner each day by your seniors and supervisors. There may not be any formal exams but you would be working under tight deadlines most of the time and there would be little scope of error as your work would also impact the work of others if you are working in a team. Welcome to your first fresher job .

Now, to make the right first impression in your first job and to live up to that impression you would need to pump in a lot of effort initially. A little advice can help you here as you would be naïve first. These small tips might sound insignificant but the fact remains that they will go a long way in cementing your position in your first job. These tips are about your general behavior and conduct at office and are not work-specific so they can apply to all fresher jobs across industries.

The first golden rule is that you remain punctual. Always arrive at the workplace on time. If you are seen as a latecomer, you might lose initial respect in the eyes of your boss and co-workers. Stick to a fixed lunch hour and do not spend too much time taking breaks. Do not be seen around wasting time on personal calls or just chatting away. Second ting that you keep in mind is to dress appropriately. If there is a particular dress code at your workplace, follow it strictly. If the dressing sense is relaxed, make sure you still dress up decently and not like you are going to a college. Don’t wear too casual or holiday-mood kind of clothes.

Another important thing that you must remember is that listening is a bigger virtue than speaking. So, listen, listen and still listen more. Don’t start throwing in your suggestions and comments till you have fully understood how things work at your office. Learn the rope of the game and observe as much as you can to understand how things have been working so far. If you start suggesting changes from the word go, you might come across as a threat to your fellow workers. So, be mindful of that.

Avoid office gossip and mind your manners and etiquette at all times. Look around for a mentor under whose guidance you can learn and prosper in your career. Be inquisitive and ask questions to learn more. There is no harm in asking relevant questions. Following these small tips, you will get settled in the corporate culture and get a good head start for yourself. Thus, your first job will become a perfect launch pad for your career.

Spa and Resort management as a career

Job vacancies in spas and resorts are increasing dramatically due to the continuous growing demand for physical beauty and an extravagant lifestyle. Although no basic qualifications are necessary to enter in this profession, a formal training program will help you to acquire a better pay and position. There are numerous job opportunities available in this field, ranging from manicurist -pedicurists specialists to masseurs and therapists to cosmetologists. Beside these positions, you can also apply for positions such as electrologists, skincare specialists and beauticians.

There are numerous beauty schools offering training programs and courses that will help you to build a career in this field of hospitality. While working in a spa, you can also enroll in other courses related to the spa. BLUE%20MOUNTAINS%20HOTEL%20&%20MANAGEMENT%20SCHOOL-1 This will only help you to grow in your career. Job Requirements As a spa professional, your main objective will be to provide your client with supreme royal treatment and ultimate pampering. In order to do a satisfactory job, you should also be able enjoy what you are doing. If you are able to satisfy your customer completely, only then can you expect them to return to your spa, time and again. People go to spas in search of peace and revival of the body, mind and soul; and return back to the real world rejuvenated.

As a spa professional, it is not only your duty but also your responsibility to ensure that the customer attains complete "nirvana". Your disposition should reflect positive energy and your vibrant spirit should be able to immediately put the customer at ease. As your job profile largely requires you to provide healing through touch therapy, do not let other aspects of your life interfere with your work, otherwise this will hinder your performance. Popularity And Future Of The Spa Industry The spa and resort industry is growing at an alarming rate and very soon will be the global retreat choice for millions of people, all over the world. They are famous and renowned for providing natural remedies and therapeutic water treatments like "balneotherapy". The concept originated from the Belgium town of Spa where people with iron deficiencies were given ferruginous water to drink.

However, in today's modern world it has a broader scope. Depending on the treatments provided, spas can be categorized as destination spa, a health spa, a day spa or a spa town. As with any other job, you also need to seriously consider the positive as well as negative aspects of a career in the spa industry. Better still, you could consult a career counselor to guide you. As a spa specialist, you will be highly appreciated for providing relief to people from their daily grind, but there will be times when you too will need to take a break and unwind in the spa. Although managing a spa can prove to be quite tedious at times, it is a very rewarding and enriching profession as you are not only acclaimed for your miraculous healings but also get a chance to interact with the rich and famous from all over the world.

Building a Successful Career

Lots of working professionals fail to realize that the small mistakes they make in their everyday work schedule can severely hurt their career in the long run. 110661 There are no hard rules for being successful but there are a few simple mantras that every employee can follow to build a successful and long lasting career.

Here are a few to get you started -

• Plan and Aim high – Set personal goals for yourself on a regular basis. Look back on how you have done over the past few weeks. Set targets for yourself and try top achieve them.

• Prioritize – Work schedules can go haywire if you fail to prioritize. Make it a habit to spend a few minutes every morning and make a list of all the tasks that need to be finished today. Once you have a target in mind, it becomes easier to work towards achieving it.

• Build & Maintain Contacts – Whichever field you may be in professionally, it helps to network and maintain strong contacts with other professionals in your field. It will help you to get insights about your industry.

• Take Regular Breaks – Make efforts to improve and enhance your productivity at work. If you feel too stressed out, take a break and rejuvenate yourself. Go for a vacation or join yoga classes to deal with work related stress.

• Keep your Resume current & Relevant – Review and update your resume regularly. This will help you to be prepared when the need arises to apply for a new job. If you exceed some difficult targets, mention it in your resume asap – a great way to keep your resume current.

Interpersonal Communication: How to communicate effectively

Each of us communicates with each other during the day to get the work done. Communication is the lifeblood of any individual today. Communication may take the form of talking, listening, arguing, exchanging ideas, thoughts and opinions etc.peopletalking

Effective Interpersonal Communication and its importance can never be undermined.

What exactly is Interpersonal Communication?

The communication which takes place between individuals on face to face basis is termed as Interpersonal Communication. In such a communication, the ability to put thoughts across effectively is of paramount importance and this is where strong communication skills come into play.

In the face of stiff competition in almost all spheres of life, your ability to voice your opinion, communicate and present your side of the story takes center stage. Strong communication skills can help you when you are a part of a Group Discussion, face an interview or when you are in a position of authority. A person with strong interpersonal skills is filled with self belief & confidence & experiences an unstoppable drive to excel and face any situation head on!

Communication Skills can be improved by:

1)Take tips and learn from people who you consider effective speakers and communicators.
2)Take every opportunity that comes your way to communicate with people and discuss your ideas, views and thoughts on different topics.
3)Listen to effective speakers like the news readers on television and radio.
4)Discuss current affairs and any other topic that interests you with your family members, friends etc.

Not all of us are born confident - However, by putting in some efforts and working towards it, you can sharpen your interpersonal communication skills and gain confidence in yourself. As they say - practice makes perfect - believe in yourself and your abilities - keep on working towards your goal of becoming an effective communicator.

Confidence is gained through experience. However, by putting in some efforts and working towards it, you can sharpen your interpersonal communication skills and gain confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities. In order to become an effective communicators keep working hard towards your goal. Remember this line, which says, “ Practice makes a man perfect”. So perfection in any field can only be achieved by practicing hard.

30 advantages of Reading

1)     It is a wonderful experience.

2) You are in an intellectual environment.

3) Helps you feel more confident.

4) Takes you to a world of 'dreams'.

5) Brings about a personality change.

6) It can change your life and vision.

7) Draws you towards perfection.

8) It stimulates creativity.

9) Brings out your writing instincts.

10) Builds vocabulary.

11) Helps in achieving life's goals.

12) Increase comprehension.

13) It clears your vision.

14) It is contagious.

15) It satisfies your curiosity.

16) Helps you make more choices.

17) It makes you grow.

18) It increases your attention span.

19) It doesn't require any special device.

20) It doesn't require company.

21) Helps build literacy.

22) Fruitful pastime.

23) Stress buster.

24) Removes illiteracy.

25) Travel across time.

26) Keeps you updated with facts and figures.

27) Spreads knowledge.

28) Intellectually satisfying activity.

29) Provides spiritual experience.

30) Life long learning tool.

How to choose the right company during campus recruitment

Most of the institutes invites a lot of small, medium and large sized Companies for Campus Recruitment in which the company selects from among some of the students who are eligible and are right candidate for their job.

In such a situation, it is observed that many students become very confused with regard to the Company they should finally join from among the numerous offers they have received.

Various factors are responsible for this confusion - the biggest being the impressive presentations arranged by every visiting Company. In the midst of information overload, students may find it impossible to make a balanced decision - a decision that will affect their career paths.

In order to reduce this confusion, make a balanced decision and locate the best Company, students should work towards finding answers to some crucial questions. These include -

  • The growth rate of the Company
  • Its position in the market
  • The Company's selection procedure and reporting system
  • The position on offer including - the job responsibilities, role and opportunities for growth in the future.
  • The place of work and the degree of traveling involved.

Before making a final decision, you must ask yourself

  • whether you find the job content suitable?
  • Do you see yourself liking what you are going to do?
  • Would you be able to fill the role being offered to you effectively?
  • You may also want to consider the size of the Company - small, medium or large.

The decision you take will effect your career and your future , so take your time and do your homework by finding out and researching the Company and its current position.

List of Top Commerce colleges on India

1. Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) Delhi
2. Loyola College, Chennai
3. Christ College Bangalore
4. Symbiosis Society’s College of Arts & Commerce, Pune
5. St Joseph’s College, Bangalore
6. Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi
7. St Xavier’s College, Kolkata
8. Madras Christian College , Chennai,
9. Presidency College, Chennai
10. Hans Raj College
11. St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai
12. Pragathi Mahavidyalaya, Hyderabad
13. Christian College, Lucknow
14. St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata
15. Stella Maris College, Chennai
16. Narsee Monjee College
17. BM College of Commerce, Pune
18. Indian Institute of Management & Commerce, Hyderabad
19. Hans Raj College, Delhi
20. RA Poddar College, Mumbai
21. HA College of Commerce, Ahmedabad
22. St.Joseph’s College, Banglore
23. Hindu College, Delhi
24. HL College of Commerce, Ahmedabad
25. Jesus & Mary College,Delhi
26. Mount Carmel College, Banglore
27. Sydenham College, Mumbai
28. Maharaja Agrasen College
29. Kamla Nehru College
30. Delhi College of Arts & Commerce
31. University of Delhi
33. Bhagini Nivedita College
34. Mata Sundari College for Women

Career Options for Commerce Graduates

1) Banking
With the coming of private, foreign banks and financial institutions like ICICI, IDBI and HDFC into banking sectors, banking as a career option has opened huge opportunities to youngsters.

2) Mutual Fund
As an integral part of capital markets, mutual funds provide multiple career options to graduates of different background in public and private sector mutual funds.
3) Insurance
Find all about career options and opportunities in Insurance sector in India.

4) Chartered Accountancy
Chartered Accountancy/CA provides a variety of options ranging from joining a company or doing private consultancy in Financial Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting and Tax Management.

5) Cost and Work Accountancy
Cost and Work Accountants/CWA can seek to get employment in private enterprises, government sector, banking and finance sector, developmental agencies etc.

6) Company Secretary
A Company Secretary can aspire to be employed in public and private sectors banks, financial institutions, stock exchanges and company law boards.

7) Career in Capital Market
Capital Markets offer wide job opportunities for graduates and professionals as agent/advisor, share broker, fund manager etc.