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Successfully dealing with a Group Discussion

The Group Discussion or the GD forms an integral part of the recruitment and selection process. In the absence of the GD, written tests are followed by the interview in an attempt to select the best candidate for the job.

A Group Discussion refers to an open discussion on a thought provoking market research topic or a case study by a group of persons. Each member of the group takes part in the discussion and attempts to analyse the topic of discussion by bringing forward their thoughts on the matter.

A few observers too, form a part of the group and their job is to see how each member is contributing to the discussion. Such a GD is very helpful in getting insights on each member's personality, confidence and their ability to put thoughts across when communicating with others.

Here are some useful points that can help in successfully dealing with a Group Discussion -

1) Portray effectively your communication skills and your ability to contribute to the discussion.

2) Be alert - listen carefully to what others are saying and voice your opinion on the matter with confidence and calm.

3) Be genuinely interested - Don't be physically present and mentally absent.

4) It is a good habit to note down highlights of the discussion as it unfolds so that you can present your final thoughts on what has been discussed.

5) No matter how deep you are into the discussion, never shout or undermine what others may be saying. The trick is to make your point pleasantly and calmly in a way that others can't help but listen.

6) It is okay to differ from someone else's point of view. You are here to think independently while listening to various points of view and then presenting your thoughts even if they are different from others.

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