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Interpersonal Communication: How to communicate effectively

Each of us communicates with each other during the day to get the work done. Communication is the lifeblood of any individual today. Communication may take the form of talking, listening, arguing, exchanging ideas, thoughts and opinions etc.peopletalking

Effective Interpersonal Communication and its importance can never be undermined.

What exactly is Interpersonal Communication?

The communication which takes place between individuals on face to face basis is termed as Interpersonal Communication. In such a communication, the ability to put thoughts across effectively is of paramount importance and this is where strong communication skills come into play.

In the face of stiff competition in almost all spheres of life, your ability to voice your opinion, communicate and present your side of the story takes center stage. Strong communication skills can help you when you are a part of a Group Discussion, face an interview or when you are in a position of authority. A person with strong interpersonal skills is filled with self belief & confidence & experiences an unstoppable drive to excel and face any situation head on!

Communication Skills can be improved by:

1)Take tips and learn from people who you consider effective speakers and communicators.
2)Take every opportunity that comes your way to communicate with people and discuss your ideas, views and thoughts on different topics.
3)Listen to effective speakers like the news readers on television and radio.
4)Discuss current affairs and any other topic that interests you with your family members, friends etc.

Not all of us are born confident - However, by putting in some efforts and working towards it, you can sharpen your interpersonal communication skills and gain confidence in yourself. As they say - practice makes perfect - believe in yourself and your abilities - keep on working towards your goal of becoming an effective communicator.

Confidence is gained through experience. However, by putting in some efforts and working towards it, you can sharpen your interpersonal communication skills and gain confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities. In order to become an effective communicators keep working hard towards your goal. Remember this line, which says, “ Practice makes a man perfect”. So perfection in any field can only be achieved by practicing hard.


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