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Steps to avoid smoking and get success


If you're a smoker, you are undoubtedly looking for the best way to quit smoking. You're sick of the nasty addiction, your cough is getting worse, you are out of breath when you walk just a few blocks, and your family is constantly on your back to stop.

You can find several smoking-cessation aids available that can help you to stop smoking, including the nicotine patch and gum, and they have been proven to help many smokers stop. However the most vital factor to quitting smoking is to really make a commitment to stop. Without that commitment, your resolve will begin to wane and you may find it very hard to stay away from cigarettes.

Breaking the smoking addiction will be the hardest part of quitting. You're so used to having a cigarette in your hand that you may reach for one without thinking. You most likely also have cigarette breaks built into your day, like smoking with your coffee in the morning, or after lunch or dinner. These are tough habits to break.

Try to keep sugarless hard candy close by, and when you feel the necessity to reach for a cigarette, reach for the candy instead. Many people have successfully used this solution to help break their smoking habit.
To strengthen your commitment to quitting, attempt to think about yourself ten years from today - healthy and able to take part completely in family events. Stay mindful of the fact that your goal is to see your kids grow up and give you grandchildren. Do whatever it takes to stay motivated as you wean yourself from cigarettes.

It is not easy to stop smoking. Cigarettes are addictive, and your body has to get rid of the nicotine over a period of time. So it's highly likely that you'll relapse and smoke while you're making an attempt to quit. That's ok. Just do not give up. If you need help, you can join a stop smoking support group in your neighborhood.

Just keep trying, and keep in mind that no one is perfect. It may even take you a a number of attempts, but keep at it. It might be a struggle, but you'll find that it's worth it. Find the strategy that works for you, because the reality is that the best way to quit smoking is the method that works for you.


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