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Medical tourism : earn from it


The growing influence of medical tourism in Asia has turned many Asian natives overseas to come to their own countries for the procedures like cosmetic, plastic and weight loss surgeries. Even natives of western countries start traveling to Asia for these procedures. Asia is giving such facilities in cheap way to the medical travelers that are not available to them in western world. Some of the facilities are general like well equipped hospitals, professional surgeons and doctors, modern operative ways to cure, but there are some extra charms attached as well, first of all Asian destination of medical and health tourism are less expensive, in most of Asian countries it is easy for overseas to meet the legal requirements, most of the countries are medical tourism friendly. It is very difficult of get medical insurance in western world and America especially for the aesthetic cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, in Asia it is easy.

Talking about the general scenario of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery in Asia, affordable procedures like face and chin lift surgery, cleft lips, removal of burn and child birth marks, breast reconstruction surgeries, breast augmentation surgeries, hair removal laser treatments, reshaping and molding the body by tummy tuck and liposuctions are some treatments, available in countries like Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Pakistan, and Thailand. Thailand is now considered among the best destination for transsexual surgeries people are coming from USA, UK, Australia and many other western countries for their transgender operation in Thailand.

Malaysia is another beautiful destination for medical tourism in Asia with lots of beaches and modern cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and many others. is one of the leading medical tourism providers in Malaysia, giving you affordable packages for plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, and weight loss surgery procedures. The ratio of the medical travelers in Malaysia for plastic, cosmetic and weight loss surgeries is increasing every day. facilitates patients, connects them with best surgeons of plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, and weight loss surgeries in Malaysia.

The trend of coming to their native country for plastic, cosmetic and weight loss surgeries in overseas Asians is also increasing more and more Asian natives select their home land for their medical treatment. For instance every year approximately 400 UK based Pakistani native ladies come to their home land Pakistan for their plastic surgeries and obesity surgeries. As benefits are numerous if someone comes his\her own country for these treatment, first of all one can get a good time to recover as there is no time period of stay in your own country, no visa expiry due to time span, no long list of patients and appointments in Asian countries as compare to western world. is the forum in Pakistan that gives you a chance to come back to your own country for less expensive plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, and weight loss surgery procedures. Asia is getting better and better in plastic, cosmetic and obesity surgeries day by day and has full potential to become dream region for these surgeries.


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