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Flight Catering: A good Career Option

There is an ample scope for young graduates in the field of ‘Flight Catering’. Here they will learn how to match both luxury and efficiency for the benefit of airlines, for whom food is a top priority.

Food hygiene is the most critical aspect of airline catering. An aircraft is like a restaurant in the air, with people from all over the world coming together from different backgrounds. Though people from Asian countries have developed a good deal of resistance, most others are used to sterile conditions. With the result that on a seven to eight hours flight, an attack of food poisoning could be fatal with no ready medical help available at 30,000 ft in the air. Which is why airlines insist on menus that follow specific safety standards and local availability of ingredients, as well as caterers complying with HACCP/International Hygiene codes.

The airline food industry assumes great significance as a result of the increasing number of passengers, for whom market strategies must be consistently reviewed so as to maintain this Rs 250 crore industry.

Basic Qualification Required:

· Graduate in Hotel Management with specialization in Food &
Beverage are mostly preferred.
· A minimum year of service in various hotel sector is also essential
· Graduates in Home Science & Food & Nutrition can also apply having
some years of experience in catering.

Below are some details of where each sector do catering services for different airlines

There are three main Flight Kitchens operating in India:

British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, Thai International, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways and Aeroflot
·Number of meals prepared per day:
New Delhi: 5,000
Mumbai: 4,600

Indian Airlines, Air India, Lufthansa, Swiss, Saudi, Asian, Austrian Airlines and Air Lanka
·Number of meals prepared per day:
New Delhi: 4,500
Mumbai: 5,000

Air India, Indian Airlines, Air France, Air Mauritius, Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific, Sahara Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and China Air
·Number of meals prepared per day:
New Delhi: 10,000
Mumbai: 15,000


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