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Common Interview Questions..!! What Do they really means????


You've probably been on quite a few job interviews in your career, and you know that there are certain questions that every hiring manager seems to ask. Because you've heard them so often, you feel you can practically answer them in your sleep.

But, Are you sure that you are providing best possible answers?

A simple question in an interview can have many hidden layers of meanings. To answer those One’s you should understand what is the interviewer really hoping to learn when he or she asks why you want to work for the firm?

Let Us review some important regular interview questions which you're likely to hear the next time you meet with a prospective employer and insight into the qualities employers may be assessing with each one. Armed with this information, you can get to the heart of what a potential employer truly wants to know.

Tell me about yourself?

This is a classic open-ended question. It is a chance for you to divulge your qualifications, skills and background. Do not waffle - keep it to one or two minutes and keep it mostly career and work orientated.

How would you describe your own personality? What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Again relate your personality to the job at hand, and the skills you bring to the position. Examples include - hardworking, honest and courteous. Expand why these qualities are relevant to the position.

Why do you want to work here?

This actually means that, "How much do you know about this company, and why are you hoping to work here instead of for one of our competitors?" When answering this question, mention specifics. You might note, for example, that you're excited by the firm's cutting-edge research, a recent merger or the company's corporate social responsibility programs. A detailed response will tell the interviewer that you are interested in more than just a paycheck. At the same time, showing that you've done your research lets the hiring manager know that you came prepared and are serious about the opportunity.

What are your strengths?

Actually it means that, "How have you used your strengths to add value to your employer?" The interviewer wants to know how the particular talents you bring to the table will benefit the firm if you're hired, so put your best qualities in context.

Would you rather work alone or in a team?

This means that,  "Can you work with minimal direction?" and "Can you describe a time when you worked with a colleague or group to solve a workplace challenge?" Managers seek individuals who can take the ball and run with it. They may not always have the time to walk you through a project step-by-step, so you need to be able to work autonomously and devise solutions on your own.

Why do you want this job?

Again, research the company and say what attracts you to the job.

Why should I hire you?

You should clarify your positive attributes that are related to the job and draw on past achievements including compliments from previous managers etc

How much are you looking for?

Well do not discuss about salary, and to leave it to the recruitment consultants as they have experience in salary negotiations every day. However, if you do have to answer, answer with a question such as: "what is the salary range of similar jobs within your organization?" If there is no response, then indicate what you think you are worth in the market place. Be aware this puts you into a trap of being offered the lowest end of the scale.

By knowing what types of responses interviewers truly seek with seemingly simple questions, you give yourself a much better chance of impressing the hiring manager. After all, he or she has probably gotten used to hearing the same responses over and over again. Distinguish yourself with a response that gets to the heart of the matter


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