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Is IT still good career option?

This is the era of Information Technology (IT). The IT sector is an important and most probably, the fastest growing business sector in the world and offers many job opportunities. A key driver of the growth in the IT industry is that technology has made life incredibly convenient. You cannot be present everywhere, but with networking and communications; you can always stay in contact with your other business associates.

Speedy growth of the IT Sector in India

India has built up valuable brand globally in IT. The IT industry in India began to evolve in the early nineties when foreign companies set up their offshore operations in India. India has emerged as the most preferred destination for IT-enabled services (ITES) and business process outsourcing (BPO).

What makes IT “hot”?
At the moment many youngsters view a career in IT as the ultimate job. It could be owing to the high salary that would bring the lifestyle one craves for.

Your life path is often determined by the career choice you make. Before considering a career in IT, ask yourself what a career in IT means to you, what is your reason for choosing IT as a career? Here are a few points which help you consider whether IT is a hot career choice.

IT professionals are among the highest paid in the world.

Although the economic factor comes into play when making a career decision, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. It is unwise to think of your career exclusively for the purpose of making you wealthy.

You can work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment at the forefront of technology.

Do you want to work in IT because it is a well-respected profession – “Career of the intellect?” But at the same time, are you willing to take up the challenges of IT knowing fully well that technology evolves at a rapid pace?

IT throws open opportunities in other sectors.

IT with its immense diversity truly is the engine of globalization. It increases your opportunity to work with IT professionals across the globe.

IT is a field that emphasizes knowledge.

Do you have the zeal to learn new things? IT invariably offers you opportunities to learn. Since the IT field is a constantly changing field, lifelong learning should excite you.

There is no doubt that the scope of IT is quite wide. This scope is expanding through a phenomenal growth in the usage of Internet, advances in technology and increasing global dependence on IT. How passionate and committed are you to a career in IT? Is it a passion that you can sustain when you come across hurdles? In the IT field, you will have both opportunities and challenges that come your way. It is your passion that can make both the opportunities and challenges work for your benefit.

Will it stay “hot”?
Having asked yourself what makes IT hot, the next question would be will it stay hot and why? You got to think critically about this.

The IT revolution has resulted in a demand for IT professionals growing tremendously over the past two decades. The IT industry continues to be one of the largest employers. Further emerging trends will bring profound opportunities for IT companies to create new services, new experiences and new relationships globally.

The challenges in a booming IT sector

As the U.S. market is most dominant and Indian IT companies are primarily dollar dependent, IT companies are under tremendous pressure. The rupee appreciation is denting profit margins of the IT companies. It is also likely to affect the jobs of IT professionals. With regards to employment, the companies will be keen to hire the right mix of resources with different levels of experience and skills. On the other hand, IT companies will perceive the rising rupee not as a threat but a motivation that would drive their IT professionals towards superior innovation and increased efficiency.

To sum it up, IT happens to be one of the hot fields today. The IT sector with its challenges, continuous learning and the ability to lift the energy levels of individuals makes it far more exciting than any other profession.


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