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“Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. The dreaded, much feared, and probably the last words any candidate would want to hear after an interview. If you’re fed up of scanning millions of job portals, going for innumerable interviews, and still have been shown the door by employers galore, then you sure have enough reason to get a career-strategy makeover as soon as possible. Here’s how you can help redefine your career !! BEST OF LUCK!!

Career Funda !!

Whether you’re new on the job scene, fresh out of college, or even an old-timer who wants to boost your career, you can find the best and most practical advice on this site. You are provided with handy tips that can help promote your career. It also ensures you get freedom in making a decision to select a job you will absolutely love to do!

Redefine your resume to get success

1.     Decide your career focus area and the objective of the job search – Structure the content of the CV based on the objective. Take time before you start your resume to list down key points (skills, projects, experience).


2.     Your CV is your brand building tool – Highlight your key skills and domain expertise. Talk about your USP and how you could add value to the organization that is recruiting you.


3.     Use your CV to get an interview call - The purpose of a CV is to generate enough interest in you to have a prospective employer contact you for an interview. Don’t fill the CV with too much detail. Leave things to be discussed during the course of the interview


4.     Use bullet points to convey information – When you list down your achievements in points, it makes reading easy. You can also use facts & figures that may reflect on your efficiency at work. For e.g., increased the sales by 10% over two months.


5.     Customize the CV to the job opening you are applying for - Analyze and evaluate the job. Try to customize your CV to ensure that it highlights your skills and experience required for that particular job opening. 


6.     Provide references – Give the contact details of people who have referred you. Also, ensure that the people whose reference you give know you well enough to highlight your skills and strengths. 


7.     Presentation – Don’t clutter the CV. Leave a lot of white spaces between sections and sentences. Use a font size no smaller than 10 point and restrict the resume to max 2 pages. Since the reviewer will scan through your CV, ensure that he gets the gist easily.


8.     Get your CV reviewed – Ask someone to review your CV to get an unbiased opinion. Feedback helps you improvise your CV



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