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“Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. The dreaded, much feared, and probably the last words any candidate would want to hear after an interview. If you’re fed up of scanning millions of job portals, going for innumerable interviews, and still have been shown the door by employers galore, then you sure have enough reason to get a career-strategy makeover as soon as possible. Here’s how you can help redefine your career !! BEST OF LUCK!!

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Whether you’re new on the job scene, fresh out of college, or even an old-timer who wants to boost your career, you can find the best and most practical advice on this site. You are provided with handy tips that can help promote your career. It also ensures you get freedom in making a decision to select a job you will absolutely love to do!

Dressing Tips for corporate employees

For Men

  • Suits: Choose dark colors like black, dark gray, charcoal or navy blue for a suit. One should avoid flashy fabrics.
  • Shirts: One should wear good quality plain or striped full sleeved shirts in light shades. The best fabric for shirts is cotton. Collars should be stiff but comfortable.
  • Ties: Color of the tie should match with your suit or your shirt. The length of the tie should end at belt line - no higher, no lower.
  • Shoes: basic black or brown.
Dressing Tips for Women
  • Business Suit: Choose a conservative style jacket in a solid, basic color.
  • Plain or striped full-sleeved shirts/tops worn with either solid/basic color/pin-striped formal trousers or skirts.
  • Formal shoes/Slip-ons.
  • Limited jewelry.


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