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“Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. The dreaded, much feared, and probably the last words any candidate would want to hear after an interview. If you’re fed up of scanning millions of job portals, going for innumerable interviews, and still have been shown the door by employers galore, then you sure have enough reason to get a career-strategy makeover as soon as possible. Here’s how you can help redefine your career !! BEST OF LUCK!!

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Whether you’re new on the job scene, fresh out of college, or even an old-timer who wants to boost your career, you can find the best and most practical advice on this site. You are provided with handy tips that can help promote your career. It also ensures you get freedom in making a decision to select a job you will absolutely love to do!

Powerful Resumes for Powerful Posts (Openings)!


Bagging that dream job will remain only a dream if you don’t have the perfect resume to show a potential employer. Here are some simple tips to create a resume that will not only showcase your strengths and key skills; but also one that will ensure your employer cannot afford to not hire you!

Use a cover letter: A cover letter not only speaks volumes on your behalf, it also speaks of just how interested you are in the job profile. A potential employer may scan through a series of job applications and might select a comparatively lesser qualified person only because his/ her cover letter was thoughtfully and intelligently written.

Short and sweet: Ensure that you write words that matter. Long sentences and lengthy resumes may often cause the potential employer to lose interest in your job application quickly. Resumes that are short and sweet will ensure that besides reading the resume completely, your potential employer is also most likely to remember you.

Use updated formats: Avoid using formats that are old and run down. Ensure that you stay updated with savvy resume trends. One can also use the resume wizard available with MS Word that produce some pretty fancy resumes after being fed with a few details.

What does the boss want: You may want to customize your resume to fit the profile you are applying for, to ensure you get a call from a potential employer. That would mean not mentioning something irrelevant on your resume that doesn’t match the skills required for the job profile you are applying for. For example: Don’t mention gardening or singing as a skill if you are applying for a job as an accountant.

Focus on your strengths: Remember the resume is not a confession booth. Ensure you focus on your strengths and noticeable qualities that will enhance the job profile if you get selected. For example: When applying for the post of a public relations executive, it would be good to showcase a strength that suggests you have good communication skills.

Proofread it: Ensure that you have proofread your resume to avoid the simple typos and punctuation errors that tend to put off potential employers. Proofreading your work also ensures that you’ve got your facts right. This will go a long way in avoiding embarrassing situations that can occur due to incorrect information being passed to the employer.

Put down your contact details right: Very obvious, but very important. You can actually miss out on getting a call from an employer just because you have an old or incorrect address or phone number on your resume.

Use the right paper quality: It may seem like no big deal, but most often employers can guess the seriousness of your job application just by the quality of the paper you’ve used. Employers can actually sniff and check whether your resume is one of the many that has been photocopied for various jobs, or if it is the only one printed for a job that has been given priority over the rest.


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